Here’s a list of the best online programming courses, including Khan Academy, w3schools and Udemy.

This list of no-cost programming courses includes something for everyone, no matter if you’re looking to learn about programming for the first time, or to see if you enjoy it before you commit to an expensive bootcamp or course. Some are beginner-level, while others will help you develop more in-depth skills. All of them are free to begin however they will require a certain amount of time commitment.

For those with less or no experience in the field, w3schools is a great option to begin with free beginner-friendly tutorials that cover HTML and CSS. If you have more time spare, Udemy offers a Tech 101-style course that covers all the fundamentals.

Scaler’s page of coding courses provides a range of online classes for coders of all skill levels. From data structures to programming languages, they cover all the fundamentals of what it means to think like a software engineer.

Take a look at studying Smalltalk. It’s an emulation of the computer language Python and is extremely easy to learn. In just a few weeks you’ll be able to master control structures like loops and if statements while also getting a feel for the language. There’s also a more in-depth intro course that guides you through the fundamentals of the object-oriented programming language.